The term superposition is often associated with mathematics and/or physics, describing a combination of states. It may describe two waves whose interaction with each other forms a larger sum than the individuals. It may also refer to two atoms or entities that exist in multiple states at the same time.

The friendship between Hamilton and Parks extends back beyond twenty years, rooted in similar interests of cameras, art and design, among other things, in the conversations around this collaboration, one topic discussed was their mutual interests and the comparisons of their journeys growing up in Pennsylvania before moving on to disparate parts of the country. Further reflections included mention of their pursuits as artists of different mediums, movements away from the idea of home and their current lives in the eastern and western United States, the respective landscapes, ecology, and imagery of these places, and their creative practices that fuse analog and digital processes which united them as friends in the beginning.


4-color aqua, fluorescent pink, yellow & black risograph, screen printed cover, usb drive
74 pages

Printed on French Paper Off-white Construction 70lb 

7in x 8in

Includes original audio score by Sean Hamilton 

edition of 25


graphic design, education, print,
publishing, sculpture

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